Fitness Assessment

You may be asking yourself, with so many services available, where do I begin? The Fitness Assessment appointment is a great start. Your Personal Trainer is dedicated to providing appropriate recommendations by reviewing your health and fitness questionnaire and performing various assessments and measurements. The  recommendations will be based on your individual needs to help you successfully reach your short and long term fitness goals. Some members prefer to have a coach/personal trainer help them loose weight, some prefer our small group fitness or transformation programs, while others prefer to try it on their own. Your Personal Trainer will make sure you get started in the right direction.

The Fitness Assessment is one of the most effective tools to help you oversee the BIG picture. What does this mean exactly? You need to look at all the possible benefits of incorporating fitness into your new healthy lifestyle and determine which are most important to you. These includes:

  •   Reduce body-fat & weight loss
  •   Improve cardiovascular fitness
  •   Reshape or tone body
  •   Strengthen body
  •   Build muscle
  •   Improve sport specific performance
  •   Increase energy level
  •   Improve flexibility and mobility
  •   Improve self-confidence
  •   Improve ability to cope with stress
  •   Feel better, positive attitude
  •   Overall vitality and improved health

There are countless roads that can lead you to your destination and the Fitness Assessment is your customised exercise program to get you there. By collecting and reviewing quantitative and qualitative data from the past and present, your Personal Trainer will provide effective and sustainable ways to achieve personal success for your short and long term goals. Think of your Fitness Assessment as the road map to your future fitness. We love having open communication with our clients! Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or concerns. Rest assured, we appreciate your comments and will use your feedback to enhance our services for the betterment of all.