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Meet Our Team. We are a young and dynamic team working towards creating hassle-free, technology-driven and affordable personal training experience.

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Uday Raj Anand

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder of Crush Fitness India also plays a crucial role in this division. He himself has been transformed by the Crush philosophy from someone who never exercised a day in his life to become an avid fitness enthusiast. Uday took to fitness after completing two Masters Degrees from the University of Oxford, founding a startup while leading domestic sales for an chemicals manufacturing firm.

Tushar Bhatia

Personal Training Division Head

The force behind our division has accreditations from the American Council of Exercise, the Gold's Gym University, BFY Academy of Fitness. He is the originator of the Crush Combat program, a martial arts based group fitness workout that has delivered transformative results to its practitioners in Gyms across Delhi/NCR. Tushar's background in Martial Arts practice grounds him in the importance of the role of the mind and mental motivation and has designed the program with this in mind

Professional trainers

Each one of our personal trainers is distinguished by their ability to practice what they preach. They talk the talk and walk, training themselves even harder than they train their clients, and living the healthy lifestyle we advocate for our clients.

Vikas Sejwal

Personal Trainer

Vikas Sejwal entered the field of fitness through his deep interest in the combat arts and is trained in MMA.


Personal Trainer

Gurdas is a fitness professional who believes beyond all else in holistic fitness. Having been a professional sportsman across disciplines.

Hitesh Thalal

Personal Trainer

Hitesh Thalal's childhood dream was to join the Indian Army. From a young age he strived towards maintaining a level of impeccable fitness that would help him achieve that goal.

Saurabh Gupta

Personal Trainer

Saurabh Gupta was always a high performing student at school, but he struggled to find meaning in the subjects he was learning in school and college.

Madhukar Mishra

Personal Trainer

Madhukar Mishra started his fitness journey eight years ago as a national Level Badminton Player.